Traditional May Song and Dance

Maypole 2MayPole Dancing info – Learn how to do it properly!

Some great resources for learning about our MayTime traditions can be found at the English Folk Dance and Song Society (EFDSS) – look here 

Here are some great English Folk tunes to get you dancing


We have been rambling all of the night,

The best part of this day;

And we are returning here back again

And we’ve brought you a garland gay.


A bunch of May we bear about

Before the door it stands;

It is but a sprout and it’s all budded out

And it’s the work of Gods own hands.


Oh wake up you, wake up pretty maid,

To take the May bush in.

For it will be gone and tomorrow morn

And you will have none within.


The heavenly gates are open wide

To let escape the dew.

It makes no delay it is here today

And it falls on me and you.


For the life of a man is but a span,

He’s cut down like the flower;

He makes no delay he is here today

And he’s vanished all in an hour.


And when you are dead and you’re in your grave

You’re covered in the cold cold clay.

The worms they will eat your flesh good man

And your bones they will waste away.