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How to keep track of your kids at events

The one thing I am most paranoid about when we are out and about as a family is loosing the kids.  They are curious and adventurous and while I am fairly confident they wouldn’t wander off with someone else, they would stop in their tracks to talk to an interesting dog while I carried on walking.

happy-tiger-1815843I can’t remember where I first heard about this trick, but it isn’t mine.  It is so simple but could help police or marshalls find your wayward offspring much quicker.  You take a picture of your kids as you enter the event.  Then if they go astray you can show a marshall the photo and they will know EXACTLY what they are wearing and their eye colour etc.  My Father in law once lost my husband and couldn’t tell the policeman what he was wearing or his eye colour, he has never lived it down.

Another lovely idea, from the steampunk community, is to make a label to pin to your child with photos of the parents and their contact details.  The suggestion I saw was to make little medals for the children to wear with information on the back.

However you keep yourself sane this summer, whether you are tying your toddler to your left leg or texting your teens every 5 minutes, I hope that you all enjoy your days out.

Making Corn Dollies

IMG_20150516_150234Here are some great resources for making your own corn dollies, both from grain stalks and from craft materials.  Hope they inspire you.

The other videos by “The Woodland Elf” are also lovely.

How to make a corn dolly – Eden Project

A great link to a pdf of all kinds of projects with art straws.


We made art straw corn dollies at our Lammas celebration with PFaM and they looked GREAT on our altar.