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Grandmother Wolf and the Harvest: A Lammas story

corn sheafGrandmother Wolf lived at the edge of the village, in a little cottage surrounded by lots of interesting plants.  The children loved to visit her to listen to her stories, help out in her garden and follow her on her little adventures.

One day, at the end of July, The children walked up the path of Grandmother’s cottage and met her coming the other way.

“Come on!” she said “The men are cutting the corn on the big field, they’ve got a new harvester” and off she hurried up the path and round the corner.  The children scurried in her wake.

When they all got to the big field they did not see what they expected.  There was no chugging beast sucking up the corn and spitting out nice round bales of straw.  No, there were all the men of the village standing around scratching their heads and occasionally kicking the wheel of the harvester.

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Making Corn Dollies

IMG_20150516_150234Here are some great resources for making your own corn dollies, both from grain stalks and from craft materials.  Hope they inspire you.

The other videos by “The Woodland Elf” are also lovely.

How to make a corn dolly – Eden Project

A great link to a pdf of all kinds of projects with art straws.


We made art straw corn dollies at our Lammas celebration with PFaM and they looked GREAT on our altar.