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The Golden Acorn

Golden AcornThe Golden Acorn by Catherine Copper was a lucky find on Amazon for us.  I think it was a free kindle download, it really was a gift from the Gods.  There are 5 books in the series which follows the adventures of Jack Brennin as he discovers that he has been chosen for a very important task.  Helped by the druids Nora and Elan and the talking Raven Camelin; Jack enters a world of magic, Myth and British Folklore.  It is well written and completely engaging for adults and children alike.

Here is what my daughter Raven (9) thought about the books.

The Golden Acorn:  Very AWESOME book.

I think this is a great book because you never want to stop reading it and the plot is amazing I would recommend it for all ages above 8 and its the book you want if you like magic.

The Oak Lord (book 5): Unexpected ending

Soooooooo cool. Jack is King!  Read about him finding the lost treasure of Awern.  Camlin grumbles some more and Jack makes new friends.

Pagan Parenting book published

hannahChildren of the Green: Raising Our Kids in Pagan Traditions 

By local pagan witch and author, Hannah E. Johnston PhD.

Recently returned from the US to her native Britain, Hannah has spent the last 15 years working with young people in earth-centered faiths, and has written a book about how we can raise like-minded, spiritually attuned young people! Taking a unique approach, Children of the Green focuses not solely on sharing the festivals and celebratory cycles of paganism, but also discusses the moral, ethical and practical issues of raising kids as pagans; Continue reading