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Talking about our bodies

The overt sexual energy of Beltane makes this an unlikely family festival.  However, we need to be able to talk about sex in an open, positive and appropriate way with our children, whatever their age.

lover-father-1310288“Sex positive” is a term that I am seeing more and more in my research and social media interactions.  It is a campaign by Brook, the topic of blogs and the underpinning philosophy of an empowering way of talking about sex and bodies with children of all ages.  Sex Positive is a response to the judgemental, body shaming and limited information often available to young people.  It is founded in respect, consent and happiness. Continue reading

Poetry Competition – Wining Poems

poetryWe had some great poems submitted for our Summer poetry competition and after much thinking we have 2 winners.  Our runner up is Dylan from North Yorkshire

The Summer Solstice
It was 3 0 clock in the morning in the circle
and everyone was yawning waiting for the sun
for when it rose they would have some fun and worship the Gods all the day long.

Our Book winning first prize winner is Berry from Dorset and here is their wonderful poem.


Beltaine is the turning
Beltaine is the first of May,
Beltaine is the changing
From the dark to the lighter way.

Beltaine has a Maypole
We dance and weave around the staff,
Beltaine is a happy time
For people to sing and laugh.

Flames are roaring
From the hills
With magic and intentions,
From their ancestral wills.

The flowers are spreading round in a circle
Forming the shape of a delicate crown,
They’re all different colours, some of delicate purple,
Casting the earth with a scented gown.

The shimmering blossoms are on the trees,
Fragrant like the honey of bees.
The circle of life!
This is Beltaine.
The circle of life!
Turns round again.


Beltane – May Day – This is the most beautiful time of year.

hawthorn 2The birds are singing, there is a hint of warmth in the air and all the hedgerows seem to be bursting with new life. The hedgerow is a place of infinite possibility at this time of year, if you make a trip to the countryside you will witness the capacity of our hedgerows to be habitat, boundary, larder, shelter, and a place of wonder for all manner of creatures, insects and spirits.

This is also the only time you can bring May (Hawthorne) blossom into the house without risking the hostility of the Gentle Folk! My (Hannah’s) boys have been fascinated with Maying traditions – and the idea that there is a flower that can only be brought to the house one time a year is so potent to them, that on May morning they want to go cut the May and attach it to the door before breakfast! We bring the may blossom from the Hawthorne to bless the house, using it to sprinkle water around the boundary and often we use it to decorate a wreath that will hang on our door across the Beltane period. Further, we build an altar to the Sidhe at this time, and honor the great powerful spirits that roam our land.  Fairies are not small fluffy things with wings I remind them, but the great and gracious spirits of the places we live in and as such deserve the honouring at Maytime, with bud and blossom and thorn.

Morning blessings are really lovely to use on spring morning:

Continue reading

Traditional May Song and Dance

Maypole 2MayPole Dancing info – Learn how to do it properly!


Some great resources for learning about our MayTime traditions can be found at the English Folk Dance and Song Society (EFDSS) – look here


Here are some great English Folk tunes to get you dancing Continue reading