Blogs talking about bodies and consent

I realised as I was researching and writing the article for Beltane 16 Pagan Dawn that how we talk to our children about bodies and sex and how we SHOW our children what we think about bodies and sex is a HUGE topic.  Far more than one page in a magazine.

To start with I would like to share with you some of the blog posts and web sites that have helped me to think about my parenting and to shape the way I respond to my children.


I have to confess that the one thing I have had to stop is pinching my little boy’s bottom.  He has a very cute little bot, but he kept saying “hey! no” as I tweaked his rump as we went up the stairs.  I realised that to continue to do it, when he said no, was teaching him the wrong thing, that his butt was mine to do with as I wished.  We continue to explore this boundary of consent together.  He is 6 and I hope by the time he is 15 or 16 and is ready to start dating he will be happy with yes mean s yes and no means no.

Happy reading all and I would love to read your comments below