A Pagan A to Z

by Hannah Johnston

 A is for altar, the place we begin

B is for blessing our kith and our kin

C is for circle, our hands linked as one

D is for dancing, to wake up the sun.

 E is for egg, from which life proceeds

F is for fire, the warmth we all need

G is for garland, to crown the May Queen

“H is for hawthorn,” says Jack in the Green!

I is for incense, the herbs that smell sweet

J is for jumping as flames lick our feet

K is for Kings, of Holly and Oak

L is the Lady, whose love we invoke.

M is for morning, hear the birds’ song

N is for noontide when shadows grow long

O is for owl, so gentle and knowing

P is for Pamona, the cider is flowing!

Q is for questions, the answers we seek

R is for remembrance, our ancestors speak

S is for Samhain, the sabbat of death

T is for trees, that inherit our breath

U is for unicorn, mythical beast

V is for Venus, the star in the East

W is for witchcraft, the craft of the wise

X is the crossroads, the place magic lies.

Y is for Yule, the sun child’s rebirth

Z is for zodiac, heaven on earth